My screen name here is kidmullins. I'm a 37 year old male, work as Direct Care Tech for mentally challenged guys. I have been playing cards most my life in house games snd diffrent places round my area. Nothing very serious, just a fun hobby. Then bout three year ago I decided to try some online sites. Have been here ever sense, most everynight. I have always been a card nut. Have got alot of great friends on here, that make playing even more enjoyable, Then last months a few ladies talked me into doing the Pokerschool. Almondjoy2 and Sixxxshooter kept talking bout this school league for a few days so I decided to go ahead and check it out. I have read alot on this since joining and playing the pso tournaments and I have to say I'm glad they were persistent in me doing this. I just started playing this month and have gained alot more knowledge of the game in a very short time. Now I'm finding the competive part of me wandering how well I can actaully be in this. This has always been a great hobby for me but now I'm wanting to see how good of a poker player I can really be. So check back and see how I'm doing. I hope to make alot of friends in this venture to have a great time with. So if you like just look me up at some point and I will keep ya updated on how things are going. Good luck everybody and see ya at the tables!