The good: -Scoring system: I really enjoy the way the PSO is scored. It favors my tournament style of play and the rewards seem to be pretty awesome. Hopefully I will score high enough next month to find out. -The players: My first thoughts were that 90% of the field in any given PSO would be very weak. Now I feel its more like 60%-70%. Still a decent edge for me. But I am really impressed with the overall skill of the top players of the league. -Short late registration window: Keeps the fields more level and play better thru early blinds. Now the bad: -Cheaters: In my very few PSO I have already came across a multi-accounter and obvious "soft play"/collusion between two players. Two different types of cheating in so few tournaments really surprises me. I am 29 and have been playing both live and online poker for over 10 years and have never run across this type of cheating so quickly.