Getting ready to play in my first PSO Tournament. Interested in how the play will be. Since its a freeroll I will use my normal freeroll strategy that seems to work well. TAG for the most part, make some thin calls if its cheap enough with possible winning hands. Its safe to assume that I have an edge on at least 90% of the field in these tournaments, so I will play that way. Here is a link to my more in-depth poker blog: I love tournaments. I love cash games too, but in cash games there is no clear winner and you can buy-out whenever you feel like it. In tournaments its all about who is left standing in the end. Lately I have been running really well in MTTs. 2 top 100 finishes in a row in FPP freerolls where over 4k players started thos tournaments. 2 11th place finishes(4 out of the money) in .25, 5 table SNGs. And then a super deep run in PLO freeroll, getting 33rd and earning a ticket to a $2k guarentee tournament. I feel like my success in those tournaments is due to a few factors: -Prepare your mind for the grind. Poker tournaments are a marathon, not a sprint. They take a lot of time and it doesn't matter who wins the most pots. Its all about survival and timing. Have plenty of healthy food and drinks by your side. -Stretch. I stetch by back and my legs. Before a tournament starts and on all breaks. Its a great way to keep you loose and it helps get your mind going. -No distractions. TV off, iPod off and phone off. I will listen to music here and there through out a tournament but for the most part I am focusing on the game 100% when I am at my best. I will listen to a song or two on breaks while stretching just to get me ready for action. -Dont take bad beats personally. You will get your fair share as well. Poker is a skill games, but there is still plenty of luck involved. I always tell myself, "Its not about where a hand starts, its where a hand finishes that matters."