Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year. If you're not celebrating Christmas, have some rungood at the tables (unless you're at my table ).


Now, onto the main part of this blog - Poker goals for 2017.

I don't normally set goals because it can add unneeded pressure to the game but this is mainly so that things I'd like to achieve are simply written down so that I can't forget about them so easily.


One thing I definitely want to work on is my play at final tables. I've been running deep into a lot of tournaments lately and have been getting to a few final tables. Even though this is clearly good, I've not been getting top 3 as much as I think I should be. Most of the time, I one of the first people out.

Working on that will definitely give me an edge on final tables and hopefully mean I can actually win a tournament more often instead of just reaching the final table.


The next goal I'd like to achieve is getting better at Pot Limit Omaha. It's a game that I'm still very new to but have already had some okay results. I'd like to get better and turn them into great results though. It's certainly a game that I think I could do really well in so let's get some practice in and see if I'm right


The last major "goal" for now is that I want to start playing cash games more often again. When I first started playing poker I started with cash games and eventually moved to MTTs. I've moved more and more away from cash games since then. I only tend to play cash now if I've had a bad day of MTTs so that I can make some money back. Playing cash games will help to improve my overall poker skill aswell which will obviously be able to help me with my other goals.


I may end up writing another blog before 2016 ends but incase I don't, I'll see you guys here next year