Hi all,

I am kid_fro21 and have been player poker here on pokerstars for roughly a year. I have just begun reading everybodies blogs over say the last week and have decided to start blogging myself, looking for analysis on  both myself and other players hands that also play at this level. I am going to start off with a few questions and if you guys actually coming round to reading this please comment as I would love to know your thought process, where you think I went wrong and how I would have played the hand better next time.

I like to play a bit of everything to do with hold em, SnG, MTT, 6 max cash, and a little bit of HU if I am in the mood. I consider myself to be a competent player but not the greatest by any means and am just looking, I assume like everyone here, to move foward. 

Anyway today I decided to play a little MTT session. I usually play around 4 - 6 table whenever I play something (except HU). I had a couple of deep runs that really left me thinking whether I played the right way. Both these tournaments had around 500 people in each, on a $2 rebuy 500 max where I got to the final table and busted out in 9th. Everybody playing having around 8 - 20 bb and I think the leader had 35. Just ran 66 into 99 blind v blind which I am not to upset about.

The other was an 8 max $3 with just over 500 entrants again. With about 25 players left I encountered a bit of a problem with this one. I find with this many players left if I have the biggest or second biggest at the table I like to open a little wider in late position just because everyone has tightened up alot. I was second in chips at my table with 30 - 35 bb and over the course of these three hands everyone else ranged from 8 - 17 bb. It started getting folded to me on the button I went for the steal with A,2 suited, a standard play I would think and the guy in the sb with the 17 bb stack ships on me, which is okay so I just fold. Next hand I get K,Q off again folded to me I make my standard open, fold and the next guy ships on me again. I fold. I am getting a little bit cautious of this guy wondering whether he is just pushing his stack or just picked up two hands in a row. Anway next hand I see I have Q,J suited in the high jack I raise again but I drop my raise sizing to just to save a few chips incase I get shipped on again, and sure enough I do. There is no way I am calling but I just think to myself this guy has to be shoving light. It is somewhat frustrating having a nice little 30b stack at that stage and then within three consecutive hands you give a guy 10 bb on a platter and you are now all of a sudden stuck with just over 20.

At the end of the day I guess what I am asking is did I play both my hands and my stack size okay for the situation? Is there anyway anyone else would have played it differently?

Just when you get to the final table and to the bubble of the final table your eyes are on the top three spots. Should I be playing a little more aggressively to try and get chips up to make it to the top three, thinking if I shove a little light in late position or blind v blind that if I get caught I can get lucky and take that chance? or tighten up until it gets down to say the final 5 ot 6 and then get a little more aggressive?

Opinions would be greatly appreciated,

GL all