I just experienced my first free roll online tournament. It was like my first kiss all over again, but a lot longer. I finished up in 300th place out of 844 players. To be honest I played a lot better than I thought. It's not like playing at a regular play/real money table at all. Once I started the tournament. I realized I was playing my hands better than I do in the non-tournament tables. Well, until right after the break. I believed this became somewhat like a tilt to me. That last hand was an KQ. I went all in on the turn. It was so fun though. I know I can become a more skilled player with potential. Texas Hold'em has always been an interest to me. I want to keep playing through out my life time. Poker will always make new dreams.


I would like some advice on some good strategy reading material. Different than the book , “Lets Play Poker.” I am having a tough time passing the Sit & Go course quiz. I been searching for material similar to the topics of the Sit & Go course, but some of the material is not so good.