i want to grind headsup holdem, omaha, and omaha hi/lo sngs and cash games until im the premier world expert. headsup is by far the most fun game to play, and when u lose, there's nobody else u can blame. so when u win, u feel like  and when u lose, well... and maybe even a little  and  lmao. but playing these gives u a great opportunity to learn and develop ur individual skills and style. perhpas every session should be a bit like . i also am having a fetishistic obsession with getting my money in good EVERY TIME in EVERY MTT that i play. i feel most sngs don't give u the kind of opportunity (and especially not the CA-CHINGS) to play ur best game like mtts do. and there are so many different kinds. it's like a kid in the world's largest ice cream shop. he doesn't know where to begin, and he won't know where to end. but every stop in between is GOOOOODDDDD! so if ur tired of worrying about game selection and seat selection, just start playing headsup games and let the magic happen! DOMINATE!!!!