I am going to start a cash game session now, and these are the things I must remember:

1) Be patient. Let the action come to me. No need to force a bet when it's just not there.

2) Don't focus so much on winning huge pots. I shouldn't have a goal in mind of how much I want to win...I should simply focus on winning.

3) Remember that stations are stations. There's nothing I can do that will convince a station not to be a station.

4) Have fun. I should stay grounded and go with the flow. If I lose, I won't call myself a hopeless donk. If I win, I won't call myself a pro.

5) Keep every session in prospective. Poker is not going to come easy...it's take lots of determination to seek out value and get the hell out when the cards come out bad. I should never let my guard done, or assume anything.

6) Play the game that's profitable. I shouldn't always look for the games with the most action. I should play against opponents that fit my style, even if it's not the specific game I had in mind before the session began.

That's all I got. GL out there, it's a real jungle