I'm gonna keep this post short b/c i don't have anything really specific to talk about. i just want to talk about how to get your mind ready for the rigors of the game.

1) don't play if ur angry about something, or if u just want to blow off steam after a bad beat. u need to have a methodical approach in ur mind where u focus on what u want to have happen. that way, u are actually using skill instead of pure luck to try and make money.

2) don't get too excited about a big cash. u want to look at how u've played each tournament or how u've done in each cash session independent of results. u should focus on the wins and see how those came about; ditto for the wins. if u think u've played your best, then u can move confidently forward. if not, u should spend some time and review what went wrong before jumping into another game. don't take a win or a loss at face value.

3) play the format of tourney u want to play at that moment. that way, u will be the most excited about it. nobody wants to play the same old games over and over (unless u are constantly crushing it). try different formats, even if u aren't sure about it. u can't know until u've tried it out. the best poker players can play many different kinds of poker well--i feel it's simply a must in today's game.

4) don't think about "the idea" play. the game is so complex that the general patterns that keep coming up again and again don't necessarily require the same actions again and again. u have different opponents, different stack sizes, different positions at the table, a possible different image to construct...o yeah, and then there's the actual cards! the reason the game is so popular is because it's always different. like phil laak once said, it's a puzzle that is always different, and is new and fresh upon every single session. therefore, don't be afraid to open up ur mind and think about a situation in a new way, even if u think there's only one or two possible "correct" plays.

and finally, the most important rule--

5) even if u decide today that u'll never return to the game, give it a few days rest and reconsider. chances are, u'll want to keep playing. don't let those few initial moments of sadness define ur future in poker.