too many times, i see people approach a hand poorly. they start off wanting to get value, so they bet the flop and turn small, then maybe bet half the pot or so on the river, and get minraised. now, they aren't sure whether their opp was just calling down with nothing and putting in a bluff, or if their opp drew out on them. thus, they fold their hand and lose a lot of equity--not just b/c they didn't win the hand, but b/c they invested so much IN ROUTE to winning a hand. i think these players are so afraid that they might be beat that they just want to put as little out there as possible. the fact of the matter is u have to make up ur mind what u want. by giving ur opp an aggressive "look" to ur game as soon as u start playing against them, u give them the impression that u are going to be firing a good percentage of the time. when u do this, the poorly prepared opp. will ship his/her chips with 3rd pair, hoping this time u don't have it. the more u can get ur opps offt their barrings, the better result u will get.

sometimes ure going to get outplayed. its just a fact of poker. u don't want to be labeled a simple bluffcatcher by ur opps, or they're going to be value betting larger than usual, assuming that u will pay them off under the right circumstances. but u also don't want to overvalue ur hand. i often see players bet in a spot where there's no possible way the opp is going to call unless they have the winner. sometimes we "overthink" a situation, and think that we must try a "trick" bet where we make a massive over- or under-value bet. if we bet too much, we're setting ourselves up to go busto way earlier in a tourney than we needed to. and if we don't bet enough, we won't be getting necessary value to sustain us through the bubble stages of a tourney. the simplest thing u can do is bet consistent percentages of the pot, while still mixing in a few big bets or small bets to stay balanced. if u have a middle range hand like A7s on a 7T5 flop with 2 of ur suit, betting 40-60% of the pot is a good idea b/c u likely have the best of it, but with this size bet, ur opp is probably going to just call (if they choose to play at all), and then u have a redraw in case u are beat or get drawn out for a better pair on the turn. let's saying its blind vs blind--u have 33 and raise it 3.5x on the sb; ur opp calls. he's an average abc  player. u think at worst he has suited connectors, but at best could have AQo, maybe even a small pocket pair that he's too chicken to 3-bet. the flop comes KT9. if u have an image as a player who fires a lot, but FIRES THE RIGHT AMOUNT, u could take a stab at this and pick up some easy dough.

a player who is scared to step out of the box now and again is prone to be outplayed. there are sophisticated players out there who may try to raise u on the turn with air if u have the tendency to fire one bullet and give up. or, u may be playing against a big stack who is raising and reraising every hand. given the right stack conditions, u can fight it out with this player in position. this player may try to outplay u by raising with air, but they may also do the same thing with massive hands. remember, u can't forget what ur intent in the hand is. if u want value, a raise may make u reasses where ur at, but usually, if its good enough to call, its good enough to reraise. if a player keeps coming at u again and again, and u have absoutely nothing, its best to just give it up right away. don't even cbet when u totally miss against players who never fold a flop. lastly, don't be completely intimidated by the changing of board texture. if he didn't have the flush draw on the flop, he didn't hit the flush on the turn. use board texture as a loose guide as u proceed with ur hand, but don't let it scare u into a fold, or embolden u into making a big bluff.

when u keep in mind during the entire play of a hand what ur intent was from the get-go, it allows u to make good, confident decisions, which ur opps will observe and begin to give u more respect in later hands. keeping a good grip on ur betting habits keeps u from overthinking and making a bad decision, and also discourage ur opps from trying to outplay a player of ur calibur.