the first thing i want to talk about is raise sizing in cash games. in low limit games, most people aren't going to pay attention to what ur preflop raise is indicating. therefore, u can manipulate the way u play a hand in ur favor by sending mixed messages to those who actually are paying attention. i don't advocate raising the same amount each hand, simply b/c it forces ur opponents to be on their toes constantly. it also allows u to see how ur opponent deals with a lot of situations.

this kind of thing is especially useful in omaha. u don't always have to raise the pot, even preflop. in the modern age of poker, huge bets don't always mean the nuts, and small bets don't always mean a crap hand that's just begging for a fold. opponents who continual bet in this fasion aren't as common as they once were. likewise, those who bet huge hands small and crap hands big exclusively are also rare. thus, imo u must adjust by giving ur opps a lot of different "looks" to ur game.

through this manipulation, it allows u to creatively play a wider range of hands. the reason why i emphasized 6 max play is because full ring games just don't allow u to raise like a wild person like i like to do. play is a lot more straightforward, and the actual value of ur hand becomes more important. in short handed play, it is more a "perceived" value. at the very least, tricking ur opps is almost, if not more important, than actually showing something decent down.

by playing each hand without regard for remaining consistent, u set urself up for some big money potential. unfortunately, u also become vulnerable to losing a lot of buyins with this method--and possiblity even damaging ur ego in the process through public embarassment ops:  even worse, the low limit games can be a nightmare to our kind of "thinking" players. trust me, ive jacked up a ton and have paid for it...but i believe in my strategy, b/c i play for big money. and when u do this, ur opps will give up when u have squat, and u can pick up the nice little 17 cent pots here in there, maybe even more 8)

position plays an important part to ur game as well. if u got a guy who raises on the button, but no other seat, it makes ur decision the sb quite easy. most opps are mechanical players who have noticable patterns, and so after a few dozen hands or so, u really can take advantage of the seat ur in. i advocate u always buy in for the max at whatever limit u play so that have as much leverage as possible on ur opps. those guys that buyin for 1 or 2 bux on a 5 max buyin table are easy pickins  just like any other poker strategy article, u should be raising more with good position, but the ultimate trick is to understand the value of ur hand postflop, and understanding how position changes this. this is one big reason that the big names in poker like tom dwan, patrik antonius, and phil ivey make so much money--they have the ability to play postflop and squeeze out as much value as they can, while thinking ahead so that they don't have to face a tough situation. i will expand on this idea further in later posts.