it's about time i started one of these. i have been seriously studying poker since 2007, but only recently started playing for real money on another site. i never made a desposit on ps, and only got into real money games from the change i won from freerolls. however, i wanted to start this blog so i could communicate with my fellow poker players, as i don't know any in "real" life

my approach to poker is philosophical. ultimately, the goal is to be able to adjust to any situation that any player can throw at you. saying that, u may have heard other players say the cards don't matter. well, i disagree here. the cards are simply a guide as to what ur ideal action should be, but there are an infinite number of ways to "defy" what the book tells you, and play ur hand in "ur own way." with this in mind, i have devised a kind of philosophical understanding of poker. i call it the "value-centered" approach.

the basics of it (which i will continue to devulge in future posts) is looking at your hand and determining right off the bat how far u will be willing to play it. by "willing," i mean given position, the style of ur opponents, and other various factors, is this the kind of hand that can win a big pot? when u use this approach, ANY hand can be a winner, and just about ANY hand can be a loser. why is this useful? it creates opportunities to win money that may not have existed in ur game before. for example, if u pick up 27s on the button, and certain factors present themselves to u where it would make sense to try a 3 bet, why not do it? tournament, cash game, this approach works for any kind of poker.

but i just said its value-centered--what value is there in 27? the answer--not too much. this makes the hand what i call a "negative value" hand. going into a hand knowing that there's a decent chance u will lose is actually one way that u can use it to win. if u can get into the mind of ur opponent, u can rep all kinds of hands, depending on the texture of the board. this approach is very useful in omaha b/c of all the possibilities. in 6 handed omaha games, i probably raise preflop 60-75% of the time. and when i cbet, its usually 50-85% of the size of the pot. i very very rarely minbet or minraise.

this approach is almost exclusively to be played in 6 max games. i don't have the patience to be sitting, waiting for hours for a hand in full ring games :-x  i will be updating this blog about once a day for awhile, giving updates on how well im doing at the tables and more about this exciting new approach. i call it an approach b/c its a collection of things already done, already spoken about, but that which i can bring a new spin to to make it clear to everyday low stakes player just how to play more hands and make it worth ur while :wink: