07/15 10c SNG -- .10, Profit: .41, Bankroll 1.40  10/360


QQ lost to A8


07/16 10c SNG -- .10, P/L: 0.00, Bankroll 1.30  199/360

And it happened again. QQ is going to be the death of me. 



Note to self:

1) "You should remain careful as recklessness runs rampant with these two particular hands. They seem like monsters, and they are certainly valuable hands, but they are not going to win every time." 

2) QQ is a borderline super premium pocket hand. You will sometimes feel tempted to shove all of the money in pre-flop, while other times you will want to simply lay it down. Queens are very susceptible to being beaten, despite the fact that they crush almost every hand in the deck. Aside from KK and AA which will leave QQ drawing super thin, AK will also be tossing a coin with pocket queens. Unless you are comfortable with a lot of variance, getting queens all in pre-flop will set you on a shaky ride. There isn’t a lot of doubt that moving all in pre-flop with queens is profitable in many online games, it’s simply that you will need to suck out a fair amount, force a number of folds, and occasionally be way ahead when the money goes in the middle.


1M Freeroll thru Qualified Tourney All In Shootout

07/17 0.00, PL 30.30, 1500 out of 76000,