Today, I started to take the small bankroll I won from poker school`s SNG ticket, from finishing 2nd, out of 9 in a one table SNG, making 1.19, and test my skills against those in 10 cent SNG multi table of 360.

Things started out frustrating, as people seemed to just be shoving at every turn, so I folded some decent hands I might have otherwise gone in and at least seen the flop, but in this case, just tossed them away, some K7s, 99s, Q7, K4, K4, JQ, but I could tell I needed to just to survive the early going, the shoves were going to be the early phase of this, so I just sat back and stayed patient and looked for my opportunities along the way. I think I only saw 4 of the first 21 flops. Which is insane for me, I am usually seeing the flop at least 38-50% of the time in tournaments. I ended up snagging some blinds with a few aggressive moves and won 5 of the 6 showdowns I got to. Sitting around 3300 most of the time and in the top 80. Being ina  hyper it seemed like the big chip leader at my table was tanking on purpose to send the blinds up with less hands being played, it was frustrating and it seemed to be what he was doing in my eyes.  Then I played a hand I was not to found of in my eyes, I should have cut my losses after the flop but check and then called and did the same on the river thinking this guy was bullying and trying to push me off the pot. However my 99s were not good enough. That sent me down to 2200.  As we started to approach the bubble. With my tight style which is not the norm for me, I started to get crushed by the blinds. I was just waiting for an opportunity, to shove, but then I got K9h as I was on the button, and called the raise pre flop, we were 3 handed, and the flop came and hit my K. At this point I decided it was time to shove, and I did, one folded and other called, which I ended up winning and taking me back to 4200. The blinds were moving quickly and before I knew it I was back down to just 4BBs remaining. I needed to find some cards quick and shove to try and extend my life, as I was watching the number come closer to the bubble, there were about 80 people left and I was in the 60s. Watching the BB at 1400, I knew I only had really 2 hands left one the blinds hit me. Then everyone limped into the pot, so I followed, and it never got raised. I had a JQh, and the flop came and I saw 68Kh, flush was mine, check, someone across the table bet and I called, as did 2 others, then the turn it was a 2 of spades, and I shoved, immediately gettign called by 2 people and tripling up to 7200 and into the top 15, at this point, I was in the money pretty much, with 42 people remaining and top 36 cashing. By the time the bubble burst, I was in 6th with roughly 33000 chips, I took advantage of a lot of players just trying to get into the money and became very aggressive as everyone was letting the blinds go. 

We got down to about 15 people, and the small stacks were just shoving and getting picked off, then we progress down to final 10 people and are playing hand for hand. I really dont know what I was thinking at this point, free money or what but I hit a brick wall and everything ended on one silly mistake. I would have cashed top 5 for sure I feel if I didnt make this decision. SO on my last hand, I was sitting with 25000 in chips with QQ, blinds are at 2500/5000, SO I shoved and I am called, thinking he would fold but he did not. He had A8, then the flop hit 4A6, followed by 99. My tournament ended in 10th place. I was happy with the results minus a few hands especially that last one, as soon as I shoved my 22K in I knew it was a mistake and should have just called to see the flop, but it was a gamble I took to try and win the whole thing so it doesnt hurt that much. Probably next time, I will take a different approach as I get close to the final table.