Slow and steady wins the race, this is the path I'm willing to take and this as always I like to say "WHERE THERE IS A WILL, THERE IS A WAY".

Goodbye MARCH and HELLO APRIL, I plan to take a different approach to building my bankroll.

In the past I had choosen to only play certain tourneys mainly freerolls where I could gain a ticket for WR1-2, womens tourneys, leaderboard rankings and some low buy-in tourneys but not often. Since then the site has made a few changes, so I will be persuing every option available to me weather it be playing normal tourneys or homegame tourneys, completing challenges, scratch n match etc inorder to build my bankroll up.

As usual my poker game has had its ups and down with good n bad beats but I can honestly say that I have had alot of fun and I have been able to maintain my bankroll without any losses.

My quest is to complete challenges, play as many tourneys, ring games and zoom games as I can every month: even with all the changes there are still alot of choices to choose from:

Womens $0.11-$2.20+

Any sceduled tournaments

Home game tourneys realmoney-playmoney tourneys or ring games

Ring games-Holdem/OMAHA HI-LO/BADUGI/2-7 Triple-Single draw, etc

ZOOM games - Holdem/OMAHA HI-LO

Poker Cash Giveaway tournaments

Pokerschool pass tournaments

Pokerschool open skill league

Pokerschool Qualifier skill league

Pokerschool premiere skill league

I have to earn 20vpp's in order for me to be eligible to play for bigger money and play in the Pokerschool league rankings leaderboard.

soo much more

I am also attempting to gain a ticket into the "BIG BANG MAIN EVENT"

There are three ways that you can qualify for the Big Bang Main Event each month as follows:

Big Bang Stamps - Members that contribute excellent content to PokerSchoolOnline may be rewarded with a Big Bang Stamp. For example, many Star Blogs receive a stamp each month*. Members that have their blog stamped during any month will recieve their Big Bang ticket within 2/3 days before the next Big Bang main event. They must use this ticket to then register for the tournament.

Open Skill League Qualification - PokerSchoolOnline will reward any player who finishes in the TOP 400 of three consecutive Open League tournaments played by you during any month with a ticket to the following months 'Big Bang' tournament*. Members that qualify via the Open League will recieve their Big Bang ticket within 2/3 days before the next Big Bang main event. They must use this ticket to then register for the tournament.

VIP School Pass Satellites - If you're lucky enough to have some 'VIP School Pass' tickets in your PokerStars account you can use these tickets to play exclusive Big Bang satellites every week. Satellites can be found in the 'Tournaments' > 'All' tab and are played every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday at 13:30, 17:30 & 20:30 ET. If you don't have any 'School Pass' tickets

My attempt for three consecutive top 400 finishes in POKERSCHOOL OPEN SKILL LEAGUE has not been very easy, I did come very close but still unsuccessful. I am playing for money in the leaderboard rankings for the month and plan to improve on that. I am also posting some blogs with the hope to gain a "BIG BANG MAIN EVENT" STAMP, I had earned myself a stamp before for my blog "MARCH 14 PS "QUEST FOR SUCCESS". I haven't played alot this year but that is about to change and I will be sharing blogs and alot of my hand replays. Take a look at some of my older blogs, keep a look out for any current blogs/ replays.

I  played in the Satellite to Saturday Splash "Saturday Splash Sat: 2+R StarsCoin NHLE [3x-Turbo], 10 Seats Gtd". It was a donks game at the beginning with everyone going all in alot with terrible hands, but once in a while I'd get a good enough hand to call, not all of the hands won of cos but most of them did which allowed me to "Stay 'n' Play". With only 18.07 StarCoins available, late reg is for 1hr, re-buys of 2 StarCoins for 3,000 chips for 90mins and Add-Ons 1 StarCoin for 30,000 chips ends once the rebuy has ended, I really had no option but to play the game carefully, I paid to reg, then 3 double re-buys and 1 Add-On. After 2hrs and 16mins - 34 of us won the ticket for the "$2.22+R Saturday Slash [3x-Turbo] $50k Gtd" which starts at 04:00 NZT, Mar 27.

I have unregisterd myself from the tournament and plan to use the ticket money to register into other tourneys where I will be able to actually play the tourney, rather than sitting out through the whole thing like alot of my ticket tourneys had been played. Hopefully I can turn the $2.22 ticket money into at least $10+ real money.


My Goals for the year is:

1) BUILD MY BANKROLL $50-100++

Take advantage of all the freerolls available, especially ones where I can win tickets, Womens, PSO Premier league, HOME GAMES, Personal Challenge, SHARE AND WIN, any new promos etc.


This may be live training, training videos & poker books. Need help with my game play. Watching more live training videos to learn new stratigies. ( Frosty021, GarethC23, The Langolier and xflixx) TCOOP Special training for a ticket to win 1-100 $3.30 tickets, Full Ring Trouble Spot training and more great live trainings and live trainings to come. Some have VPP requirements.


Study previous hands & get more info on opponents. Never jump straight onto a ring game and play. Sit back and watch how the people on the table are playing, they may be donkeys or fish.


As well as short breaks during sessions I also need to make sure I'm spending enough time with my partner, his son & continue with my other interests to keep myself fit.

5) EARN 20-150 VPPs monthly, this will give me more chance to win more money on the Pokerschool league, (Premier league requires a +20vpp). My last years attempts were a total failer, and not being able to hold on to my positions, wheather it be on the table or the leader board.


1) Tight is right! There is nothing or little to lose in freeroll and low buy-in tournaments, which is why a lot of players go nuts. They invest too many chips into vulnerable hands. Play the opposite - play only strong hands like Ace-King or Jacks and you already have an advantage.

2) Raise high preflop! When you decide to play a hand, raise a big amount to get maximum value. Don't be afraid of raising 10 times the Big Blind to enter a pot. Especially in the early stages of a freeroll, you will get at least one caller most of the time.

3) Play straight! When you hit something good on the flop, turn or river  - like top pair with top kicker - bet big. In a freeroll or low buy-in tourney, a lot of players check more often than they bet. Don't try to get tricky with slowplaying.

4) Don't bluff! When many opponents are loose, it's not a good idea to bluff. Be patient, wait for valuable hands and let the others pay you off.

5) Play aggressively on the bubble! Most opponents in these kind of tourneys play passively - especially when there are only a few places left until the money. Use it for your advantage and play aggressively.

6) Don't become so result orientated. This had been brought to my attention from a person commenting on one of my blogs, which I had found myself doing alot in the beginning of my premier league.

I am good and ready for more challenges, promos and quests.

Good Luck All, Have Fun and Hope To See You At A Table...

Feel free to leave any comments, I am more than happy to read and take in any good advice would be much appreciated .

Thank you