My failure in the PS Premier league has become my new quest and a learning curve to becoming a better player. I do not consider myself to be a pro and I am not a beginner, but a poker player who is still learning and loves to play poker. So when I had made it into the top 278th monthly leader board rank for  the pokerschool open skills league playing good poker for Jan 2014 to gain a ticket into the pokerschool premier skill league, I knew it was going to be a challenge and a good experience which will improve my poker skills for the better; given I had learnt so much in live trainings but still I hadn’t really gotten a hang of the game through the previous years and wouldn’t change my poker style, which was pretty much donkville or luckville in most cases. Now I have the confidence now “n” then to fold pocket kings, which in one situation would had lost to AA and go all in on a pocket sevens in position and win with pair or trips.
Most of my come backs have been very good when given the opportunity lol, I have gone down from 250 in the beginning of the tourney and back up to 2000 chips waiting for a decent or great hand to go all in for big stackers call with donk  hands.
The experience was fun, nail biting and extremely shocking with great hands losing to donk hands or Ah,As losing to Ad,Qc with a flush clubs or AQ raise 5bb pre-flop called by a 67 at showdown 67 won with full house. The Prem league tourneys where hard but comfortable, if you  know that there is gonna come a time when luck is against you, to pick yourself up and try again but not to allow it to affect your judgement in a bad way. I hadn’t really gained any good skills or knowledge to help me get through the league; I suppose I adjusted pretty well to the changes from PS Open to Prem League. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER...

Minor Loss/ Major PS PREMIER SKILL LEAGUE Poker Come Back.
Hands shown are from half way into the month (Feb 14)
Hand I lost against, 49 mins into the tourney.


The come back with a good pay-out


I had only finished in the top 86, which should have given me some positive points. I was more than half way into the month so I thought I might have to work a bit harder against these aggressive players and stop falling for traps trying to chase a flush or straight or aces, but the month is over now and I couldn’t make top 800th. There is always next time, I will be more than ready and up for the challenge when I make the PS Prem League next time. I also did not manage to gain a ticket into the Big Bang yet lol and I had not attempted to play alot of freeroll tourneys but a few ring games to gain a few vpps but it will all come in time. There are alot of tourneys available for me to paticipate in, I just need to get the scheduled times right and be well prepared for the long run.

TILL THEN - March 14 Tourneys

1) PS OPEN LEAGUE: Top 500 at the end of the month to gain a PS Prem Ticket.

2) BIG BANG: Top 400 PS Open League finishes 3 times in a row. Try to save 70 vpps to buy a ticket into the tourney or BLOGS...

3) Weekly Round 2: Use the tickets I have now and may gain in the future by playing freerolls.

4) Women's tourneys: Any women's tourney is good and have great opportunities to get great rewards. I had done well one year but had slowed down from playing for some reason but we have our fair share of fun and dramas lol. Mite even see a few old faces...

I have already played a womens club 550 playmoney tourney and gained a ticket into a womens club playmoney freeroll today, which I will also play the ticket today given I have all week to gain another. Maybe even a Hearts, Diamonds or spades who knows lol...

I only managed to gain a womens club hearts 0.10 ticket finishing 9th final table.

I also play a little Ring Game Badugi 25cent/50cent, 2-7 10cent-20cent, Omaha fixed 2cent-4cent and Holdem NL 1cent-2cent/2cent-4cent. Home games, vpp tourneys from 1-20vpps and many more..

My Goals for the month:

1) BUILD MY BANKROLL $50-100 within a month
Take advantage of all the freerolls available, especially ones where I can win tickets, Womens, WR2, PSO Premier league, HOME GAMES, Personal Challenge, SHARE AND WIN, any new promos.

This may be live training, training videos & poker books. Need help with my game play. Watching more live training videos to learn new stratigies. ( Frosty021, GarethC23, The Langolier and xflixx) TCOOP Special training for a ticket to win 1-100 $3.30 tickets, Full Ring Trouble Spot training and more great live trainings and live trainings to come. Some have VPP requirements.

Study previous hands & get more info on opponents. Never jump straight onto a ring game and play. Sit back and watch how the people on the table are playing, they may be donkeys or fish.

As well as short breaks during sessions I also need to make sure I'm spending enough time with my partner, his son & continue with my other interests to keep myself fit.

5) EARN 20-150 VPPs monthly, this will give me more chance to win more money on the Pokerschool league, (Premier league requires a +20vpp). My last years attempts were a total failer, and not being able to hold on to my positions, wheather it be on the table or the leader board.


1) Tight is right! There is nothing or little to lose in freeroll and low buy-in tournaments, which is why a lot of players go nuts. They invest too many chips into vulnerable hands. Play the opposite - play only strong hands like Ace-King or Jacks and you already have an advantage.

2) Raise high preflop! When you decide to play a hand, raise a big amount to get maximum value. Don't be afraid of raising 10 times the Big Blind to enter a pot. Especially in the early stages of a freeroll, you will get at least one caller most of the time.

3) Play straight! When you hit something good on the flop, turn or river  - like top pair with top kicker - bet big. In a freeroll or low buy-in tourney, a lot of players check more often than they bet. Don't try to get tricky with slowplaying.

4) Don't bluff! When many opponents are loose, it's not a good idea to bluff. Be patient, wait for valuable hands and let the others pay you off.

5) Play aggressively on the bubble! Most opponents in these kind of tourneys play passively - especially when there are only a few places left until the money. Use it for your advantage and play aggressively.

6) Don't become so result orientated. This had been brought to my attention from a person commenting on one of my blogs, which I had found myself doing alot in the beginning of my premier league.

I am good and ready for more challenges, promos and quests.

Good Luck All, Have Fun and Hope To See You At A Table...

Feel free to leave any comments, I am more than happy to read and take in any good advice would be much appreciated .

Thank you