My "BIG BANG ATTEMPTs TO GAIN A TICKET": 3x 400 top finishes in the PokerSkill Open League has become a difficult  challenge, with me in the Premier League I am unable to keep track of my progress and playing multiple tourneys can be too much of a distraction. I have been enjoying creating new posts about on my thoughts, my progress and noticed that there are also perks for Bloggers. I amvery excited and will need to have a look at other peoples blogs for tips.


My Prem League is still not easy but I feel like I'm doing better and I find myself more comfortable and confident when playing at the tables. I have learnt alot through experience within the tournament and knowing that there is always gonna be little bad luck moments or those moments when you have to take a crack at chance lol, I just hope to learn from your mistakes.

Currently I am Rank: 726 (possibly  a few negative points or more for the last tourney), we are only half way into the month and I am still enjoying myself.

My last game had  at 101st out of 227, not to bothered though there will always be ups n down within the league, I will try not to stray too far and there is till have time to gain some minor points or make it into the money which means more points.

I hadnt gotten alot of good hands, every blind gets stollen and every reasonably good hands I tried to play had been no show at the flop, with a big raise from opposition.

My Last Hand: I only have 315 chip stack, with 200/400 blinds 40 ante, I'm holding a pocket 6s with half the table folded Big Stack 1 raises the blind. I go all in and Big Stack 2 calls the raise. The Flop is 4d,4h,5d, BS 1 raises 3bb, BS2 re-raises and BS1 folds. BS2 holding pocket 10s, Turn Ks River. Its not like my other blog when I had AK, went all-in, little stacker against big stacker holding 33 and winning cause I couldnt catch anything lol BAD LUCK, BAD BEAT but the BS had no choice but to go all in againsts me and it turned out to be a very good hand at the time.


2014-02-13 02:00(ET) 319/85
2014-02-12 20:00(ET) 229/195
2014-02-12 02:00(ET) 293/153
2014-02-11 20:00(ET) 231/30
2014-02-10 20:00(ET) 227/190
2014-02-10 02:00(ET) 328/105
2014-02-09 14:00(ET) 580/38
2014-02-09 02:00(ET) 319/103
2014-02-08 20:00(ET) 220/58 
2014-02-08 02:00(ET) 327/274
2014-02-07 20:00(ET) 256/227
2014-02-07 02:00(ET) 370/192
2014-02-06 14:00(ET) 628/174
2014-02-06 02:00(ET) 373/249
2014-02-05 20:00(ET) 247/167
2014-02-05 02:00(ET) 420/137
2014-02-04 20:00(ET) 262/56
2014-02-04 02:00(ET) 403/229
2014-02-03 14:00(ET) 680/330
2014-02-03 02:00(ET) 394/142


I'm known to play  tourneys like: Pokerschool open skill league, bankrollmob, womens play money/10cent womens, 2cent to 25cent reg micros or sit n go's/76cent sat sit n go's, 1-20vpp tourneys and freeroll tourneys.

I also play a little Ring Game Badugi 25cent/50cent, 2-7 10cent-20cent, Omaha fixed 2cent-4cent and Holdem NL 1cent-2cent/2cent-4cent.

If anyone has any comments or pointers for me, I would be more than happy to read.

GL all and Happy Valentines Day