Tourney NZ time starts: 8am-2pm-8pm.

I have paticipated in 3 prem tourneys and have found it to be a differcult challenge, my current rank is: 784 with a score of 1485, not what I was hoping for but then it is only the beggining.

I am gonna have to sit back, play my usual game with caution, learn as I go and possibly try out something new.

XFLIXX on live training, maybe he can give me some pointers eg.

I'm little stack BB holding AK, everyone folds but one re-raises BS holding 33, I re-raise all-in and lose.

Did I make the right move? given that I couldnt make the money without that win.

Should I have folded and prayed for a pockets to fall into my hands before my next BB.

I guess it was just my luck to walk into 33 and not catch anything.

If anyone has any comments or pointers for me, I would be more than happy to read and learn.


GL at the tables...