So after playing for a while I've realised playing small games (low rolls) has stacked up. 

No if I want to try and make a profit I need to spend more to earn more as it's very very unlikely I will make a profit in low rolls any time soon plus I would have to win my way to quite a few final tables in sit and goes and get very lucky in a tournament I can afford to play. 

my whole bank roll is a low roll and to be honest I don't care if anyone makes fun of me for it. I don't expect to earn millions but with the withdrawal allowence being 5x more than I put in its bloody impossible to gain anything. And that's if I bet my whole bank roll. Considering I play 2cent 10cent sit and gos and 11 cent tournaments. And maybe a few $1+ if I'm feeling rich bahahaha but again earning anything I have put in is like an impossible task.

I kind of feel like pokerstars doesn't support low rollers.

how do I deactivate my account?