Playing a hand against a player tonight was weird,


four people called for flop. It comes out 8 k 2, I bet 360 in a 320 pot, two fold one snap calls. I had hit a pair of kings. Turn comes out 7 so I bet 240 leaving him only 120 in his pot. He calls and we play for the river. 3 comes out. He bets his last 120 so I call thinking I got this.

dude had hit two pair on the river with 2,3. Considering I played strong and hard I can not understand how he played with only hitting 1 pair on flop. No flush draw or straight draw. 

Even more strange is the player has no ranking yet. 

Theres something to be said about being a sore loser which is even what I've been branded by pokerstars for reporting one player about a year ago :0 

Shrugs what can I do.