I know most poker players tend to have a good luck symbol or colour or act they have to follow to help with the "luck". I tend to repeat the card I don't want out on the turn or river. I also have one thing that I consider bad luck and as the blog title suggests it's the 37th minute god damn it. The amount of times I have been taken out on at exactly 37 minutes is beyond me even when with strong holding and a good odds in a win. I'm not saying there is a losing flaw here I'm saying I have a concentration flaw. I think maybe at 37 minutes into a MTT I am doing either 3 things doing really well, doing ok, or being blinded out. So depending on what situation I think I need to read the table more (which I'm getting better at) and play hands more efficiently. My pot size is deffo needed more consideration and attention. None the less I am still  scared of the 37th minute Lord have mercy on my soul and make the 37th minute go as fast as possible. I wonder if anyone else has a fear of a certain position (oh yeah the first hand to act is my most hated) or time in a tournament?