when playing heads up or all-in, we all have our favourite cards. Suited ace and king is up there when we choose monster hands following ace, queen suited and ace, jack. Moster first hands include pairs with ace/ace being top. Some choose suited runner and other are just mental or trying to bluff a small pot and lost. I have noticed more and more pairs being favoured over high cards with any pair even 2/2 being popular. I have seen player pounce with a pair and it's so ovbious you can actually see what hand they are holding but there are many i lose at times when a pair of 5s have been played and they hit trips on the flop. i think high cards and pairs do tend to be equal, depending on other peoples hands but i now try and think pairs have that mathamatical edge but a good old ace and queen is still a good old hand to beat and having two high cards can still give you a win