Today is Jan 19 just finished 7:00pm skill tour.I will admit that it looked like i didnt know what i was doing.
I learned alot about my game tonite. #1. Don't let your emotions get the better of you.If cards are not coming your way,relax that will change. i seen the flop 9? times out of 40 hands dealt. Out of those 40 i prob would've
won 5 or 6 maybe.#2. Don't play distracted.(self explanatory).I finished that tourn. somewhere around 1100th
place.In the end i was short-stacked with 633.00 in chips with QTs and pushed allin pre-flop which we all know is not a good idea.Needless to say my game was over. So you ask "who would go allin with qts preflop i did.
It certainly wasnt the right play but pokerstar that you are you dont make mistakes like that.BTW i went and pulled your tourn. history.and found that you obviously make mistakes yourself so if you want to critisize
look in the mirror