I have lately been focusing on my mental game as I have found this is my biggest demon. This demon always seems to arise very close to the end of the bubble regardless of what kind of stack position I'm in.

I have found myself in the top 10 of a three to four thousand people tourney with just 100 or so people till payouts and for some unknown reason (well obviously  not unknown) not being able to just fold hands like A -10 or small pockets inevitably this has caused me to burst at the bubble more times than I wish to mention.

I'm not exactly sure what I'm thinking at the time but sometimes I make outrageous decisions like convincing myself that my opponent does not have the card knowing full well fom his bets he more than likely has or trying to bluff coz I have a big stack of simply not being able to fold an ace when I know for sure it has lost.

i have been keeping a close on "The mental game" hopefully this can help me push past this demon that comes to burn me. So far I have been unable to  try  some suggested methods of dealing with these situations however I feel I will be much better prepared for my next encounter with the little red one! 

So for anyone struggling with similar issues I would advise you take a look as well 

good luck and goodbye