i was a licensed hemp farmer living on an isolated property( 80 acres) in nth qld (australia) when late one night i happened to stumble across ESPN showing this game called TEXAS NL hold em.

i had played many different card games in my life but had never even heard of  TEXAS HOLD EM. I watched in awe and amazement as i saw the 2005 WSOP event . These people were like me, this was what i had to do with my life. It was an instantaneous feeling and it changed the direction of my life that very first night i watched it..

I downloaded PARTY POKER that night and stayed up all night playing. Play money was my only option and for 2 months thats what i did with every spare minute. The basics came easily because i was great at maths ( especially probability and statistics) and had been a gambler since childhood.

After two months of play money i decided to try my new found skills in a real money tournament. I had a few problems to overcome though before this could become a reality. I was 3 hrs west of Cairns and i knew no-one who played or even anywhere that it was played. i was very poor and had no credit card.

So i did the only thing i could think of....i took my life savings($1000),drove down to Cairns and bought a one way ticket to Melbourne.I arrived at the  melb casino with a little over $700 to my name. The first thing i did on arrival was to enter a $550 satellite that was starting in 15 mins.

Yeehaa . i was about to play my first live money tourny and i was pumped. Long story short , the top 20 finishers got a $3000 seat in the Victorian championships starting in a couple of days. i busted out with AA vs 55 IN 22nd spot. I was shattered and nearly walked straight out and into a taxi to head back to the airport. But i didnt did i, no, it was straight to the cashier where i bought into a $120 satellite that had just started. Well many hours later i finished in money and recieved a $1500 ticket for a tourny starting in 8 days. I had about $50 to my name, nowhere to stay and was unsure how i would be able to make it back to Cairns even if i wanted to go home.

Another long story short, i grinded away for 16-20 hrs a day for next week on 2/4 limit tables barely making enough to eat and pay for a room at a crummy backbackers just down the road a bit..I  went deep in that  tourny until my KK got cracked by A7. I was too  tired and exhausted to care, The next morning i was on a plane home, starving and tired and ready to cop a gobfull from my G/F who was upset with me for spending $1000 and leaving her to look after the farm by herself for a week.

p.s  2 weeks after returning i got a credit card so i could play real money online, 2 weeks after that i had won a $15000 package to the 2006 Aussie millions.

i lasted 3 days in the millions. day 2 was at the feature table where Joe Hachem was pulling in the crowd to watch ( 4 timesthat day i was all-in and heads up with Joe, twice he folded and twice he called only to get sucked out on by this rank amateur ). day 3 was on the tv table upstairs where i got make -up applied and a microphone attached as i sat there with Phil Ivey, Kenna James, Cathy Leibert.Jamil Dia, and  some other players of note as i folded my way to the cash and 48th position. $12500 cash and the best 10 days of my life.  I walked out feeling like i belonged there and telling myself that next year i would win the bracelet.

10 months after the aussie millions i became a father and i have never made it back to win that bracelet. Lifes funny like that !