Some of the my friends in Ventrillo, have asked me to blog about this experience. I will regretfully not be able to run the Friday Night Ventrillo Live during this time, but I hope someone will take up the baton for me during this run. Send the weekly reports to me via pm, and I will turn them into Tim at the end of the month. I have been staked for $300.00 to run the GTD's on PS. The buy ins will range from 1$ to 11$ buy ins. Re buys are not included. I will not be using a % bankroll rule, but will use my judgment. Obviously, if I am not running well, I will stick with the lower buy ins. But it is at my discretion. My complete rail can be found at Get A Stake. My PS ID is kaysha61. My GAS ID is firestarters. For the duration of this stake, I am being coached by Eddie_The_Ritz. We are discussing strategies and going over hand histories to see where the leaks are in my game and how to improve on them. Jan. 1 1st Game: 3.30 buy in Finished 828/2151 Starting BR 300.00 Ending BR 296.70 Bust Hand 2cnd Game: 2.20 buy in Finished 3761/6840 Ending BR 294.50 Bust Hand 3rd Game: 11.00 buy in Finished 461/3069 Ending BR 283.50 Bust Hand Win/Loss for the day -16.50 Comments: A rough start to say the least. I was so upset by the 3rd game, I quit for the day. I busted 11 from the $ with bad luck. Swear I will never play poker again!! At least not until the next day. Jan.2 1st Game: 11.00 buy in Finished 448/2745 Ending BR 272.50 Bust Hand 2cnd Game: 2.20 buy in Finished 546/2808 Ending BR 270.80 Bust Hand 3rd Game: 2.20 Buy in Finished 337/2172 Ending BR 268.10 Bust Hand Win/Loss for the day -15.40 Comments: Another frustrating day. I am going deep in terms of entrants, but can't seem to get to the $. Eddie is trying to loosen up my game and open up my starting hand requirements based on my stack in relation to the BB. I keep waiting for a good hand, but I wait to long. Jan. 3 1st Game: 3.30 Buy in Finished 284/1719 Ending BR 264.80 Bust Hand 2cnd Game 5.50 Buy in Finished 3679/5607 Ending BR 259.30 Bust Hand 3rd Game: 11.00 Buy in Finished 3579/5589 ending BR 248.30 Kill Hand Bust Hand Win Loss for the day -19.80 Comments: Not happy with my decisions today. Will review hh with Eddie. Blahhhh Jan 4 Today went a tiny bit better. 1st Game: 5.50 Buy in Finished 289/3339 Ending BR 265.15 Bust Hand 2cnd Game 5.50 Buy in Finished 3743/6444 Ending BR 250.65 Bust Hand I was a donk in this 1!! 3rd Game 2.20 Buy in Finished 187/2853 Ending BR 254.73 Bust Hand Win/ Loss for the day +6.43 Today went a tiny bit better. I did cash finally. It's a shocker to me, because I hate playing on Sunday with all the weekend players. I really have to get out of that mindset, but past history makes me leary of "Black Sunday". I actually had a great day at PSO, and made more money. I won Al's Stud Training Class for PSO $'s, and collected the bounty for 10 SP's. I also finished 4rth in the SP Freeroll for 10 more SP's.