Wow, I got the big head quick! and my ranking showed it I am further down than when I started. My in the money finish got me at 1538 but now I am at 14-- -- just really don't want to say. Whoo! Embarrased as all get out. So I think for the rest of the day I will revue all previous classes and try to pass the FLHE course which i read is a real confusing bear. Not a good couple of days. Glad it is all play money cause I would hate to see how I threw away so much so quick. I get caught up in the bid, rebid things...and ended up going all in when I was really marginal as far as the odds go. Now I had two pairs, but they were not high and i just refused to open my mind that two pairs are NOT that hard to get and if the community cards have pairs then by golly all of us at the table have them. So it s just stupid old bad habits coming out. But I sure see them clearly now. more later