Well it has been interesting today. Two tourneys first one out in 5-6 hands didn't even want to look then at any stats---decided to try one more before I called it quits. And my computer started to freak, about 2/3 thru first hour had $2500 + money but tourney had 1124 players so I certainly wasn't in the money but I was OK with that - then I started disconnecting, computer said I had a cable loose so I ran diagnostics and it said I was back on line and how did we do??? before I could type that I was sorry for the hold up I was off again. Started trace and connection was bad, then went to 100% tried again and would either bet or fold and out again. this went on for quite a few hands, finally I clicked on fold to any bet and started ripping cords, unplugging modem, changing cords every thing in my non-geek mind I could think of so I got back on line about 5 minutes before break but Network Status said 100% PHEW!!! then I got changed on the tables for 5 different times and the break. FRUSTRATED...and I learned today you do not play frustrated very well. Made a few good bets got into to the money then started getting stupid, my aces again. A-3, A-4, A-10 oh jeeze why oh why, my hand clicks the button before my brain can say NO! Any way got booted from the tourney in 300th place. Still not bad in my mind, I won't win any awards but today was OK