Saw the news about the Poker School, thank you Daniel, and immediately joined. My problem is that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE aces. A single ace - great I will bet, no matter if it is A-K, A-6, or A-3 I begin to salivate...pant, pant "I have an ACE!" Every newbie trick you (Daniel) spoke so badly about I do (did I hope.) The "play one hand in five" is so darn boring but that is truly aout the average I am playing. And in play money right now I have almost $8,000.00 have rarely done that before. I am trying to calculate odds; have folded most of my singleton aces, (so very hard) and trying to remember when to fold or go big. AND IT IS WORKING!! Now if I can just remember all of this. I have taken 3 classes and for right now it is working. But I will have to work very hard on the impulse stuff. Maybe when I finish the classes I will venture again into the real money pool. I will be playing on the PSO site. Such fun, what a great idea.