This video's great because it deals with Limit Holdem in a high entry WCOOP event. Almost everything these days is about No limit holdem or to a lesser extent Omaha so it's nice to see a video on a game that a lot of people consider a lost art of sorts.


While many players consider limit holdem boring I enjoy the game because you can play many more hands without risking your entire stack. So in this regard it can be much less boring than No limit holdem for example where many players wait for only premium hands and tend to play scared in many situations.

In limit holdem you can mix it up more by playing a wide variety of hands much farther than you might playing these same hands in No limit holdem. Want to take a shot at that gutshot straight because the pot odds are right? Go for it. 

What was very interesting was the range of hands the instructor was willing to 3 and 4 bet pre-flop and the aggression he exhibited post flop.

What I learned is that just like in No limit holdem aggression is king and you are better betting than passively calling in most cases.

While there were a number of hands that I would have played differently than the instructor just having this video made allowed me the opportunity to observe how a professional thinks and analyzes many different situations and this is always invaluable whether or not I agree 100 percent of the time.

One area I would like to see a video on is floating the flop and the reasons why the instructor called so many flops w nothing ie no draw/no flush other than maybe a 3 flush flop with only an Ace high and horrible kicker. It seems to me that he was spewing a lot of chips on the flop. 

In closing, I'm always looking to improve my game and I'd like to see more Limit holdem videos.