When you or I first got into "poker playing" most of us have had experience playing cards for our entire lives.
From "Go fish" and "Battle" to "7stud" and "Texas Hold'em" we knew the games and considered ourselves "experienced." Now, here comes Poker school online. A small spot on a poker website that brought together new and old players alike to promote education and competition between various skill levels. Well, as I found out last night, it proudly served it's purpose. In one of the later 12-10-10 league games, I met and played with Blackscrap. He made a few comments on his and others gameplay which at the time I, being the "experienced player", kind of let it go in one ear and out the other. Then we were once again seated at the same table on the last one of the night(I actually outlasted him on this one) and the funniest thing happened. That same player, who didn't know most of us but for one brief moment at a poker table in a small tourney once again openly and without payment started mending holes in a competitors gameplay.Mine.  I'm sure there are plenty others out there, the same as Blackscrap, who don't mind discussing gameplay and mending holes.

 I couldn't find the proper place on the forum to place this so i dropped it in here.

                                                              Thank you,  Blackscrap.