I've chosen the EverythingPoker Tutorial 1.4 Mid/Late Position to talk about. My main reason is that most of the other videos are about playing for stakes that for us mere mortals are not part of our daily life.



The good thing about the video is that it is giving you a range of hands that is practical and realistic. Probaly the most important point however comes at the end when we are reminded that opponents can have a monster hand and we need to know when to fold.

As someone who plays mostly free or small buyin MTT's I'm conscious of the fact that in many games I play the bottom line is tactics don't really play a part for many players. However if you make it through the early madness they do and this is when the info in this video is particulary helpful. I often find  players who are happy to go allin and hope to double up early suddenly become the tighest players once they start to smell the money.

It would be great if we could simply follow the useful advice given but unfortunately as we all know poker is an extremely complicated game and many other factors influence our decisions. I would argue for example that in many cases the stack size of players at the table has much more influence than position and can severely reduce the range of hands we might be prepared to play. If someone has a large stack and is being aggressive and trying to dominate the table then playing a hand can often mean risking all our chips or folding and staying in the game.

Anyway, just my thoughts and as always may the poker gods be with you.