Hi all, another update from me.



I finished 694th in the OSL overall.  I have no idea if that is going to be good enough to win me a premier league ticket this month.

The real reason for creating this blog is that I have noticed an increasing number of players employing two distinct strategies post flop.

1) The Overbet

* The Hero played this hand horribly.

Villian open raises the flop with a bet over the pot size.  Not a shove, just a nominal amount above the size of the pot.  I was wondering what people think the intention of this is?  To bluff a monster hand?  To get better value for a premium hand?  Just to deviate from ABC poker?

2) The Minbet (Often OOP)

* Called Because I had good pot odds and might get a miracle flop.

This isnt a particularly good example, but one that I encountered when deciding to write this blog.  I see this A LOT.  I can 3 bet with pocket Aces, get called, and and get a rainbow flop of 10 4 2, and the first to act will bet the minimum amount.  Is this a known strategy?  Are they intending to force opponents to show the strength of their hand?  Are they hoping that people will fold to a min bet?  Are they bluffing and holding the nuts?  Its just a weird strategy to me, and I was wondering how people play it.  I see it as akin to a check / limp and call if I have overcards, or raise if I have a made hand.  How would you play it?

Edit: Villain will usally continue to minbet further streets if called.

Anyway thanks for reading everyone, hope to see you in PL next month.

Good luck at the tables!