Hi everyone,




I won a 0.22 satellite into the Hot 1.10 tournament earlier today.  Playing in the tournament and getting close to the bubble, I got involved with the following hand which led to my elimination.  I'd like peoples feedback on how I could have played it better.

The Hot $1.10 [Turbo], $4K Gtd - Level XVIII  (500/1000)

https://www.pokerschoolonline.com/replayer/share?hand_id=857300&type=bigPs&showOddscalc=0&sho wControls=1&showLog=1&showActiveButtons=0&title_id =2&language=en&gameEntity=1&hash=D8C64E55CB

Looking at each street -:

Odds calculator (vs Player 9)

Pre Flop 37-62

Flop 54-45

Turn 91-9

1 - Raise the limpers?  I dont think so.  Both have bigger stacks, BB means worst position, 84s could be trash after the flop.

2 - Raise the post flop min-bets.  I have flush and straight draws (15 outs I think at that point), so this is definitely something that I could have tried.  Player 9 is holding top pair with an over card, but showing strength here might have been better.

3 - I raise the min bets with about 77% of the pot once I get my flush on the turn.  Should I have shoved here?  I'm hoping that someone isnt drawing with the same suit as me.  The board has some straight potential, so i wasnt really trying to induce a fold.  Player 9 has top 2 pair now, but could possibly fold if I shoved here I guess.

4 - I effectively put my remaining chips into the pot on the river.  I didnt sense the danger from the 10, maybe foolishly.  Perhaps seeing the board pair should alert me to the potential full house.

Or perhaps I'm just over analyzing, and played it ok.  Whatever the case, feedback is appreciated as always.  It helps me to get better.

In other news, I am currently 456th in the OSL with 2067.53pts.  I'm wondering if that will suffice to make the Premier League next month?  Also, I came 3rd in a 360 man S&G yesterday which gives me a small profit for the last couple of days.

Good luck at the tables.