Hi everyone,


I want to improve my note taking on other players, and was hoping to get some ideas from everyone here.  Pokerstars has about 8 colors / labels that can be quickly assigned to players when you get some information on their style of play, and I want to utilize this more as I think it is a really useful tool, particularly if you are grinding the same level S&G's.  I have done a little research online, and have started out with the following, but any feedback would be great.

- TAG (Tight Aggressive)

- LAG (Loose Aggresive)

- Passive / Limper

- Plays many drawing hands / Chases draws (Any two suited cards, straights etc)

- Small Ball(er) * Don't really see this much a micro level, and kind of similar to the previous label, so I am thinking about replacing it.

- Any Ace, Any Place (weak aces, often OOP)

- Shows Weakness / Weak (e.g check turn after C-Bet, ideal for floating)

- Donk (for example, All-in with KTs from EP )

More detailed notes can be added, these are just 'at a glance' labels that I am experimenting with.  What method / approach do you take?  Is there anything missing that I should be focusing on?  I'm really interested in any feedback.


I played this hand in a freeroll today.  Tried to limp into the pot from SB with 66, hoping to flop a set.  BB shoves and is followed into the pot by the big stack, so I fold my sixes figuring I am well behind (which was correct).  I wasn't entering a flip with my stack at over 100BB, as I don't need to take those kind of chances at that stage of the tournament.  I decided to share this hand because mid pocket pairs are the sort of hand that used to get me into trouble, and I think I'm improving.  Perhaps a more interesting scenario is if the table folds to the hero, would you play it heads-up vs BB (is he just defending the blinds aggressively)?


Only played in 1 OSL tournament since my last post.  Finished in 1479 / 9000 so missed out on the Big Bang Ticket again.... Currently 493rd overall with 2012.55pts from 17 touraments.

As always, good luck at the tables!