So I've tried another couple of OSL tournaments since yesterdays poor display, with considerably better results.  I'm not a loose player generally (especially not in this tournament), but I have been trying to tighten up further when out of position.


Last night I finished 376th out of 8987 participants.  This afternoon I went a little deeper to finish 149th out of 9696.  I was really hoping to make the Top 100 again here, but it wasnt to be.

My AK from CO gets beat by 88.  87% favorite following the flop, 93% on the turn, but the villian hits a 1 outer to take the chips and end my tournament.

Not a bad effort... I'm pleased with the way I played at least, and didnt do anything stupid today.  Here's hoping the next tournament is another good one so that I can grab that big bang ticket.  Currently sitting in 472nd in the league before these points are added, so I'm hopeful of gaining entry to the Premier League this month as well.

Good luck at the tables everyone!