Hey everyone,

It's been a while since I posted.  I'm not a millionaire yet unfortunately, nor have I made any significant gains, but I'm sort of holding steady and making sure I play within my limits.  I downloaded the Jivaro HUD today after seeing Jaime Staples and others using it on twitch.  I really like it, and I havent really liked anything else I have tried in the past.  I think I'm going to invest in the premium version at some point, but I'm still trying it out at the moment.

Todays results:

- Had a couple of Spin & Go tickets and won both games - $2 & $6.

- Tried to satellite into one of the Knockout Week tournaments this evening, and had some pretty rotten luck.  I patiently bided my time and was rewarded with the following -:

AA vs AK

KK vs A7 (very next hand)

- Was multi-tabling at the time and got a fortuitous flop on a 0.11 MTT.  Played it aggressively, but again got handed a sick river beat.

I understand variance, but constant defeat from a winning position can be difficult to take.

I'm still in the $100k Privilege freeroll (80th/2840) & I might play in the OSL later on.  Had 3 top 400 finishes in 4 tournaments recently... so close to a big bang ticket.

Sorry for the unstructured mess this time around.  Good luck at the tables everyone.