I'm quite happy to highlight how stupid I can be when the occasion calls for it, and I think I played a hand in the open league today that illustrates this.

Don't slowplay.  I've read this rule countless times, and as a rule, I tend to stick by it.  But when a situation develops whereby you are holding 'the nuts', sometimes the temptation is there to extract a little extra value from your hand.


Here I am dealt pocket jacks (which never win, right ), and go with a 3-bet from early position (the all-in donks are largely gone by this point).  The big blind calls my bet and the flop reveals a further jack and two nines for the full house.  I check the flop thinking that there isnt a whole lot that can beat me at this point, and I need to try and extract some extra value from this hand.  The turn card is an ace.  At this point I'm thinking 'Great!', as I'm putting big blind on Ace-something (hopefully not nine).  I let most of my time elapse (giving this some thought), before calling the min bet on the turn, trying to induce a large bet.  This is when disaster strikes, and I know I've lost when the river card is revealed to be another ace.  I call the river bet sheepishly, embarrassed and wanting to crawl into a hole.  I finished 721st, so this didn't totally kill my tournament thankfully (I won with Jacks later!).

This is one of several comical ways that I have sucked out of the open league in the past week.  Other highlights include my KK getting shoved all-in by K7 (straight), and AQ losing to Q8 (trips).  Still I had a top 100 finish earlier today, and am in the cash for the month, so I can't complain too much.  I also won a weekly Round 2 ticket the other day, and cashed in a few micro tournaments as well.

Best of luck at the tables!