Grinding away on freerolls and micro stakes this evening.  Not very successful, but did cash in the privilege freeroll and had a deep run in the Open League.  Net loss 53c.


WCOOP Main Event Sat [Mega-Path, Rd 1]: 20 FPP NLHE [Turbo], 2 Seats Gtd - Level IX  (200/400)

This was just a coinflip I guess.  The villain was short stacked, and it looked like I had the beating of him until a four on the turn & and an eight on the river gave him a straight which never looked likely.  I qualified for the next round so I can't be too disappointed, but as you will see next, that didn't go so well...


WCOOP Main Event Sat [Mega-Path, Rd 2]: 100 FPP NLHE [Turbo], 5 Seats Gtd - Level V  (50/100)

Here I was dealt pocket Queens UTG, and decided to go with a 3-bet preflop.  Villain donk bets the minimum on a pair of fives, and I push all-in.  Two spades on the turn & river and the villain makes a flush.


$100K Privilege Freeroll - Level IX  (150/300)

This was right on the bubble.  Short stacked and going nowhere, I called the pre-flop raise and was happy to make a set of kings.  A Nine on the turn gave the villain a full house.


$0.11 NL Hold'em [Turbo], $400 Gtd - Level VIII  (60/120)

I probably should have played this one more aggressively pre-flop, but i was very short stacked against the BB, and once he got his straight draw, I couldnt get rid of him.  Of course, the river card was in his favour.


The Hot $0.55 [Turbo], $2K Gtd - Level I  (10/20)

This might have been the first hand of this tournament.  Again I'm probably guilty of not playing aggressively enough, both before & after the flop.  Villains 10-2 makes a set on the river against my Ace-King


This has been quite a useful exercise in analyzing where the holes are in the my game.  I definitely need to work on my pre-flop strategy when I have good cards, and I think I could be a little more aggressive when I'm favourite to win the pot.  Having said that, I definitely had some bad luck this evening as well.