I started playing poker seriously in june of this year. i started playing backgammon on another poker site and got shellshock pretty soon , i did however win 145$ finishing 3rd in !st deposit poker freeroll (pardon the pun but it was no Party getting my funds back). I did some research after that experience and found Pokerstars and PSO which i joined right away. I did not know what a cbet was before joining.  When i first started playin i guess you would call a supernit i used 2 get panic attacks playin fun tourneys, i won 250K play money tourney but lost it fast playin 10K tourneys and high stakes.So far i have gained 3427pts mostly from hubbles and pso league. In sept i got 2 rank 6588 i think out of 135kplayers/ I made it <400 concurrently but did not get the #3rd under400 for the big bang tournry. i won 6 2nd round tickets 4 hubbles <72/9000 , 1 newton <48/5000 and 2 casinnis. i have gotten good results in  most of the astromers freerolls( my sp sucks)with results in 176 tourneys. I made i final table in pso league  9/10000 &12/10000 being my best results.The live training educational material r exceptional on pso and i recommend the site 2 all i know. I play on fill tilt also and got sbour 20 2nd round tickets. I made chrome status in 2 days this month my favorite game being .10nl 6maX my lifetime vpps is 801.51 with 354 this month with a 80$depo.( so far so good.)I have had some huge mistakes that i knew where avoidable but my shooting stat was 4.98/5 in Oct and my trickiness was also close to 5. i won many promotional tourneys thanks 2 pso, i have passed all exams except omaha . Ps should give diploma if all exams r passedI really do not know my playing style but most who know me in home games club could give me some constructive critism(sp again). I am waitng 2 finish a big tourney so i can sent in 4 review to the great training staff @ pso I hope this blog gets favored i want 2 play Big Bang. questions comments would be appreciated. Also i won 4 vip giveaway tickets got 2nd in Cpca but no results in final. I should focus my attention on mtts since i would be ITM 40% of time. This month i am not doing well in pso league because 4 the 1st hour mostly donkeys and i fell into the donk pit quite early. i am going to try the premier league this month and try to attain silver status before months end only 140vpps 2 go. this i hope will be reached  .For the luv of the game i play sometimes 12hrs a day some tourneys lasting 6hrs.  i am hooked on poker, there r lots of fish in sea all u have 2 do is use the right bait







                                                                                                                           ty karl penney