After I play poker for a while I notice that the way I play is the way I live my life and I know some point of my weakness. Many player have different style when they play, and how they play up to type of the game such as play money and tournament. In our life we need to know the rule or how others people play the game. Tournament and zoom play money are the game I play the most. My rule in tournament is to stay last longer, especially under 30% position in each match. In the end I found my four weakness, first curiousity, the thought luck is on my side ,accident (or careless) and the last torense (hope I spell it right). Curiousity kill the cat and it also kill me.Everytime I saw someone bet I really want to know that what they actually have and I trend to pay a lot of my chips for the truth underneath, bam, I lost the big pot. Actually I can wait for the next time to see what are behind their mask. If someone read I will published another part, on my com puter I hurt my fingerrr.