I love ya !!! Since applying all the advice I've gotten over the last week to my game (stop calling 3 bets oop without a specific reason, increase my c betting and just raise or fold  mostly instead of calling) I have gone from 1.67 bb/100 at 25k of hands to 6.55 bb/100 at 34k of hands

My c bet stats are going up, my call 3 bet stats are going down. I'm definately happy with my progress and most of what I learnt was away from the tables but when you apply it ya just sorta know its right, then them chips start a rolling and its like wtf was I doing before lol.

I know I have a lot to learn but im hungry for it dudes im going to eat me plenty of info so expect to get bugged as soon as I feel i'm applying all these concepts correctly.

$ update, all my roll back on stars and its now $69.21


Much love to ALL who helped me out I really appreciate what you've done for my game already.