Hi all

I'm new to this poker community but not to poker so I decided to take part in the time vault challenge here I will update my monthly goal, targets and achievements on my way to hopefully reaching super nova by the end of the year.

I will need a little help posting graphs and hands as I have never done it before but I learn quick so shouldn't be too much trouble ! You can expect regular updates, requests for help and bad beat moans but you will also get help in return a dry/warped sense of humor and the odd story of my unconventional lifestyle this is my 1st ever blog so please be patient and any pointers will help.

My 1st aim till the end of this month is to grind my $29 in to at least $48 on the 1-2c tables although I am $4 down not a good start grrr !

Oh well back to the tables and good luck to anyone else taking up the challenge.

See you at the tables !