Damn...my image is gone.  It was a pic of a beautiful woman.  I guess it was too distracting.  I kept getting sexually harassed anyways...even though I'm a dude.  I had previously requested an image change but was denied.  Hmpff!  So this time a have tryed to upload a cartoon of the Queen of Hearts...but it's still not up yet.  If this one gets denied I think I'll upload a pic of Daniel Negreanu.  The one where he's giving money to Vanessa Selbst after he lost a golf game wager. Hahahaha.

Anyways...lately I've sucked at poker freerolling.  On every site.  Everyday freerolling...major suckouts have been happening to me.  I know this is quite common.  Swings and variance and such but this is ridiculous.  However, I've been playing lose and reckless though.  My hands seen % is usually in the 25% to 35% range which is bananas.  I gotta go back too playing super tight (12%) if I can but it's hard to revert back to your ol style once you've changed.  Damn Chris Moneymaker video I watched on PokerSchoolOnline!  Ever since that video.  Been really shoving all in alot when there's 1,2,3 or 4 people going all in when I got a monster hand.  Eh...you win some you lose some.  Just seems like the damn suck outs been happening way more than usual this month and to the donkeys no less to the donkiest hands.  That's why I should just play cash games already.  I can't imagine this crap happening at higher levels.