I think that my game has been improving since i joined pso, and all that effort i put in last month to just try and barely make it in the money, although difficult, nonetheless, i think i have learned a few things from doing that repetitively like that. it has helped to focus and prioritize, and to try and figure out what i need to magnify and when..... but i still consider myself a rookie, and i think i am but scratching the surface of learning how to play better texas hold-em poker...... I came in 5th today in the .25 cent 90 player tour, which paid me 1.53, so the 30.00 i won in pso league last month, is now become 41.18..... Have been taking it easy and not trying to push it all that much, and that is why i am playing cheap tour like the 25 cent tour, besides i only have 40 bucks, so i have to be careful what tours i enter.... with some luck, it'll continue to grow, with my new found skills, due in part to becoming involved in the pso league..