Okay, so I know it's been a while... Long story short: school. Oh well, I figured I'd give it a go today after finishing my term paper on women infertility and intrafollicular modulators. Awesome stuff by the way, don't judge.

So here are today's stats:

Time played :  About 40 minutes
Hands dealt : ~400
Tables played : 5
Bankroll : 45.34$ + 2.93$ = 48.27$ (or +6.5%)

So here's what happened: ran shitty at the beginning and ran beautifully at the end, especially against a nice gentleman who gave me 2$ of his bankroll because he was tilting than the Tower of Pisa and shoved after calling each one of my beats on this exact board with this exact hand:


Hey, everyone misses a bluff here and there... but why would you bluff shove someone who raised pre-flop and who's been betting ~80% of the pot on the flop, turn and river? Thanks, I guess?

Anyways, so I ended up winning money again, but I'm still not proud of the way I ran at the start... Unlucky didn't even cut it. Kept getting beat up bad by some idiots calling any bet with any hand and hitting their 5-10% odds at the end, making random back-door flushes and crazy unimaginable gutshot straights. Oh well, that's poker, on to the next session...

I probably won't play for another month and a half since I have another term paper to finish and studying to do for the finals. See you guys in a billion years. Cheers!