Haven't played for some time now: school's been eating all my free time and to be honest I shouldn't even have played tonight considering I have this Neurology/Endocrinology midterm coming up on Tuesday... Meh, a man needs it's poker session I guess! Enough with the shenanigans, here's the stats:

Time played :  About 1h
Hands dealt : ~650
Tables played : 6
Bankroll : 39.15$ + 6.19$ = 45.34$ (or +15.1%)   So today I transitioned from 4 tables to 6 tables... It went pretty good! It's actually my best hour yet: fast tables + good cards + good thinking got me to break the 25$ profit bar since I began. My bankroll now being over 45$, I feel confident that by next summer, I'll be able to take down 12+ tables at a time. I'm hoping I'll have moved to 5NL by then, but who knows... Between university and the girlfriend, I hardly find enough time to squeeze a quick hour, even at night. Meh, whatever, as long as I hit the 1000$ mark by next fall, it's all good.

Here's the graph (today's session is from hand ~1600 till the end):

The quick drop at hand ~2000 got me to slow down... I should've laid the hand down, but too many chips were involved and I had the second nuts... Guess who had the actual nuts? Haha oh well, it happens, it's poker, on to the next hand is what I did and it paid off!

Anyways, I'll go catch a bit of sleep... I have lots to do tomorrow if I want to be ready for that midterm! Peace!