If only things could roll smoothly the whole time... but life, my friends, isn't like that. That's why I kept playing, kept my cool and decided to make up for my ~1.50$ in losses that I accumulate early on in today's session. I was actually ready to call it a day, but figured I'd much rather prove to myself that I could pick up from the ground what confidence I had shed from losing early on and make something good of this cephalalgia-generating day. For those who wonder what a Cephalalgia could possibly be, it's google time!
Here are today's stats:

Time played : 1h45 minutes
Hands dealt : ~600
Tables played : 4
Bankroll : 36.74$ + 2.41$ = 39.15$ (or +6.56%)

Not much of a gain in 1h45 mins compared to my previous sessions, but I'm happy about a few things:

1. I managed to keep my cool when losing
2. I picked up my game by changing my style
3. I ended up making money rather than losing some

So pretty happy about the way things went overall, but from now on I'll tighten up my game early on to see what type of players I'm up against. This should prevent needless losses early in my future sessions.

Here's a graph of my progression since the beginning of my grind: