I'm sorry, this post has nothing to do with me or any sessions of mine, but I just had to post about it:

Did anyone see this?! If not, watch episode 4 of EPT 7 Grand Final in Madrid. Beware, though, as you may become both physically and psychologically ill from the radiation of horridness Ivan Freitez emitted while in a hand vs. Eugene Yanayt.

Be assured: if someone ever willingly pulls this non-sense on me during a live tournament, knees will be broken. I felt so bad for Eugene Yanayt that I almost stopped watching the episode. It makes me sick to think that some people can use such unethical plays and get away with it. This man is officially the lowest poker player I have ever witnessed. I'm still disturbed by the whole thing, and to think he did it several times in the past and got away with it back then too? Wow. I'm surprised no one ask for this idiot to be thrown off the table and kicked out of the tournament.

Shame on you, Freitez. It's a shame players like you exist.

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