It was like a nightmare: 2-3 people calling every single one of my raises. When you multiply that by 4 for the amount of tables and by ~70 for the amount of hands I played, that's a lot of calling and a lot of lack of respect given to my raises.

It'll get me to play a tighter game, because the confidence took a pretty heavy blow. I was getting a pretty hard time raising even with good hands because of the amount of people calling to see a flop. Not only that, but they did hit flops with the most unpredicable hands, leading to to me value betting myself a few times.

Here's the final stats for tonight very short session:

Time played: 35 minutes
Number of hands dealt: 220
Profit: +0.88$
Bankroll: 35.86$ + 0.88$ = 36.74$ (or +2.45%)

I called quits 35 minutes in because of two things:

-I was started to make emotional calls due to everyone calling my raises and check-raising me
-Didn't want tonight to be my first session actually losing money, and I was heading for that if I kept on playing side-by-side with my emotions

Whatever, tomorrow's a new day and I'll make something better of it!